Neutral Good – God of Farming, Hunting, Agriculture, The Forest. “The Unseen Walker, Truestrike, The Unbroken Spear, Ploughmaster“

Realm: The Verdant Fields

Allies: Nuvria, Patrael

Enemies: Caltolav, Chuakazix

Temples: Temples to Premyzic are generally laid out using the “Grove and Field” pattern, where a tall central conservatory is surrounded by rooms for education (referred to by the clergy as “sowing the field”) and worship.  The conservatory attracts even non-worshippers, as it is a beautiful and peaceful place with trees and birds – conducive to meditation and mental relaxation.

Worshippers: Farmers, hunters, druids, animal enthusiasts, and those who live in or near the forest.

Sacred Animal: Deer

Sacred Colors: Green and Gold

Edicts: Take what you need, but use what you take. Live sustainably. Honor the right of others to take what they need from nature as well.

Anathema: Wasting nature’s bounty. Hoarding food or natural resources.  Destroying natural resources without cause or with no plan to replace them.


  • “Bad seeds yield bad fruit.” Commonly said to indicate that some one or some thing is unredeemable, and that nothing good will come of investing time in them.
  • “All things grow towards the light they see.” When said about people, this means that people take on the behaviors to which they are exposed. It is often used as a judgement against parents whose children are behaving badly.
  • “All sun and no rain leaves empty stomachs.” Meant as a comforting statement for those going through hard times by pointing out that balance is necessary for healthy growth.
  • “Life feeds on life.” A fatalistic comment on the inevitability (and in fact the necessity) for death to occur so others can continue to live, and the ephemeral nature of our own time on earth.


Divine Ability: Constitution and Wisdom

Divine Font: Heal

Divine Skill: Survival

Favored Weapons: Scythe, Bow

Domains: Earth, Nature, Toil, Zeal

Alternate Domains

Cleric Spells: 2nd – Entangle, 3rd – Earthbind, 8th – Burning Blossoms


This green dragon is the god of farming, hunting, agriculture and the forest. He cherishes Nature’s ability to provide, and demands that this bounty be treated with respect. Those who diligently work the land, and take only what they need are rewarded. Those who refuse to work for what they take, or who take more than what they need, will run afoul of Premyzic.

In his Draconic form, Premyzic appears as an emerald-green Dragon. Legends tell of how the Great Dragon Premyzic once woke the entire Osophian Forest to defend the surface against the incursions of the Verrkoth, and the damage done in that battle left the Azure Sands empty of trees even to this day.

In his humanoid form, Premyzic appears as a fatherly Half-Elf, with enough age to have achieved wisdom and enough youth to retain vitality. It is this form in which the religious imagery most often depict him. Some claim that his handsome visage is accountable for many of his women followers.

Worship of Premyzic is common in the small villages and towns in Merisyl that subsist largely on hunting and agriculture. It is less common (but still present) in the larger cities where crafts and trade are a more predominant. Neutral and Good aligned people tend to have more respect for nature, and the need to be respectful of the bounty it provides. It is rare to find an evil or greedy worshiper of Premyzic who is truly devout.

The Church

The church of Premyzic is largely decentralized.  Each church (under the auspices of the Head Caretaker, or head of the clergy) manages its own affairs as best suits that area’s congregation.  They do share a large number of similarities (both in physical construction and organizational structure) as they are generally laid out after the description provided in the seminal holy work of Premyzic, “The Reaping of Good Works“, written by the first to ever claim the Caretaker title, Rhiola Traze.  The inclusion of the conservatory in the temple design is considered fundamental for any temple of Premyzic.

Another religious text is “With the Light Comes the Flower“.  This work lays out the importance of the Sun to the groves and fields, and has cemented a close relationship between followers of Nuvria and Premyzic for hundreds or thousands of years.

A splinter group of Premyzic worshippers known as the “Flowers of the Forest” actually assert that Premyzic and Nuvria are one and the same, and worship their duality as a single entity.


While for the most part Premyzic’s followers are viewed as harmless and necessary by those of other religions, there is significant tension with Caltolav’s flock.  Farmers and hunters need to bring their goods to market, and rely on the work undertaken by the Roadwarden’s wards to do so, but they also see the destruction of nature that a focus on profit brings, and resent that care of forests and  fields comes secondarily to squeezing every possible coin from those resources.

Worshippers of Premyzic tend to be quite comfortable and familiar with those who follow Nuvria, as they recognize how important the Sun is to everything they hold dear.

Divine Intercession

Minor Boon: Animals are Helpful to you and you gain the Sunlit Vitality feat.

Moderate Boon: You gain the Animal Companion and Mature Animal Companion feats.

Major Boon:  Once per day you can cast spell Sunburst as a 7th level divine spell. 

Minor Curse: A swarm of distracting, annoying insects plagues you incessantly. You are unable to take any action with the Concentrate trait.

Moderate Curse:  You are affected by Curse of Biting Swarms. An effect which would remove this curse instead negates it only for one day, returning the following morning as long as you have not atoned to Premyzic.

Major Curse:  Premyzic refuses his bounty to you.  During daylight hours you are permanently Sickened until atonement is made.

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