The Military structure of Krunderyx is composed of many subdivisions responsible for the safety of different areas of the city.

The Royal Guard – The Royal Guard is responsible for protecting the Royal District and the powerful inhabitants who reside there. These guards are a well-trained and coordinated force, and Beast-Breakers make up about 4% of their total force.

The Upper Guard – The Upper Guard’s primary duty is to ensure that nobody enters the Upper District without express permission. This includes guarding the perimeter where the Upper District meets the Lower District, as well as guarding the city gate which leads directly into the Upper District itself. Beast-Breakers account for less than 2% of the Upper Guards total force.

The Lower Guard – The Lower Guard is the vast majority of the Krunderyx military force, making up about 80% of the total force. The role of these guards is varied and widespread to ensure that the entirety of the city is protected. At all times the Lower Guard keeps a strong presence at the docks and at the gate leading out of the Lower District. Furthermore, this guard force regularly patrols the districts of Lower Krunderyx, ensuring everything is in order. This force is also responsible for maintaining the sky-carts in the lower district and any government-funded buildings, such as universities, museums, or libraries.

The Gold Guard – The Gold Guard is technically a small sub-section of the Lower Guard, although they are typically considered to exist outside of that political hierarchy. This force is tasked with protecting the economic assets of the city in order to ensure Krunderyx maintains its powerful economy. Gold Guards are stationed in the entrance of the Glowing Grotto, but their responsibilities occasionally take them throughout all of Lower Krunderyx. Some of the responsibilities of the Gold Guard include collecting taxes, investigating robberies, overseeing military sub-contracts, and protecting travelling merchandise. Commandant Laura Stonehardt oversees the Gold Guard.

The Crag Guard – The Crag Guard operate within The Crag, operating alongside the miners to ensure both that the miners are protected and that any threats that emerge from The Crag are prevented from reaching the main city.

Beast-Breakers – The Beast-Breakers are a highly specialized, elite wing of the Krunderyx military structure, and almost exclusively serve in either the Upper or Royal Guard forces. They train for many years to gain the knowledge and skills required to not only track and subdue Bulette, but to then ‘break’ them. The breaking process is a rigorous ordeal designed to break the stubborn, angry will of the Bulette so that they can be used as mounts. This process typically takes years to complete, but the end result is an intimidating combination of a ferocious beast and a masterful soldier.


Monks of the Scaled Claw – This Order of Scaled Fist Monks is compromised of mostly Morphics, with smaller groups of Ixen and Kobolds. Only Draconic races are allowed within the order, as it is meant to serve as a monastery where Draconic races can both respect their dragon heritage and mold themselves in their image.


Krunderyx is separated into distinct districts. At the base of the mountain, by the docks, resides the Lower District. Farther up the mountain is the Upper District, which is encompassed by large walls to restrict access from the Lower District. The Royal District lies on an elevated portion on the east side of the mountain, and is further protected by another wall. The Crags are similarly elevated on the southwest side of the mountain, and contain three large mining tunnels.

Lower District Areas

The Docks – Krunderyx has multiple docks along the edge of the mountain where it meets Moonglow Bay. Most movement in and out of Krunderyx happens by boat, and so The Docks are equipped to move large quantities of both people and products. There are even separate dock systems for the military and for commercial goods. The area around The Docks is home to many storage areas which either keep or distribute goods received from The Docks.

The Forge – The Forge extends over the North Side of The Chasm, just West of and slightly lower than The Steel Nest. The minerals mined from The Crag all go to this district to undergo the processes which mold it in to a usable material. The Forge is the operating grounds of many blacksmiths, smelters, and others who work with metals.

The Chasm – The Chasm is a narrow path fairly high up the mountain which lies below the surrounding districts. It is flanked by The Steel Nest and The Forge on the North, and the Crag to the south. On the far East end of the Chasm lies a minor gate within a small section of the wall which separates the Lower and Upper Districts.

The Steel Nest – The Steel Nest also extends over the North side of The Chasm, and is connected to the Crags by a wall which doubles as a bridge. This area of the Lower District houses many dwarves, many of which work as miners in the Crag. The Steel Nest is also home to most of The Crag Guard who work to secure the perimeter of The Crag.

Glider’s Bluff – This long, somewhat narrow strip of cliff-side lies at the base of the cliff on which the Royal District is positioned. It was given this nickname for the large population of Ixen who live in the area, finding that the area is perfectly positioned for them to use their patagia, allowing them to quickly get to lower parts of the city.

The Slope – This large area within the Lower District serves as the home for many of the recreational buildings in the Lower District, including several universities, numerous libraries and museums, and other places of entertainment. What are less common on The Slope are mercantile establishments and private residents, which are largely located elsewhere in the city. The Slope is the heart of the lower city and is one of the very few places with a gentle, more manageable slope.

The Glowing Grotto – The Glowing Grotto is the nickname of the Mercantile District. Here is where citizens go to buy or sell all kinds of items. It is known as the Glowing Grotto for the way the many lights illuminate the fog off of Moonglow Bay, creating a slight hazy glow to the air. The Gold Guard hold their headquarters just within the entrance to the Glowing Grotto and conduct most of their business within the confines of the den.


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Regional Neighbors

Grunfallen is a small lumber settlement roughly five days south of Krunderyx, residing where the hills meet the forest. It exists largely as a source for lumber for Krunderyx.

Rosedawn is a nearby town roughly eight days east of Krunderyx. It consists largely of dwarven scholars and historians and is situated on the base of Rosemount, an impressive mountain recognizable by a thick vein of rose quartz visible for miles.