Chaotic Evil – God of Darkness, hatred, Deceit and Greed.  His preferred form is that of a terrifying Umbral Dragon.  “The Vengeful One, Nightstalker, Our Furtive Father, Sower of Chaos, Lord of the Unknown, Soultwister”

Realm: The Eternal Shadow

Allies: Endrell, Chuakazix

Enemies: Ator, Litoriath, Vivlorean

Temples: Athear of Hate – Typically foreboding windowless structures made of dark stone around a deep central pool of brackish water into which offerings are thrown.

Worshippers: Thieves, anarchists, the insane, spurned lovers, slavers, victims of abuse.

Sacred Animal: Cassowary

Sacred Colors: Black and Grey

Edicts: Hoard the truth, cultivate confusion, question authority other than Mine.

Anathema: Divulging a secret under duress, or at no personal gain, Planar travel, recording accurate historical accounts.


  • Truth is best hidden carelessly in the open, surrounded by half-truths that distract the stupid and obscuring compelling lies that attract the paranoid.”
  • No matter how far your shadow reaches, it starts at your feet.”
  • A clever lie hides more than the darkest shadow.”
  • The pious show their idiocy by taking Zelagiur’s curse upon themselves.”


Divine Ability: Charisma or Intelligence

Divine Font: Harm

Divine Skill: Stealth

Favored Weapons: Dagger, War Razor

Domains: Darkness, Secrecy, Trickery, Void

Alternate Domains: Tyranny

Cleric Spells: 2nd: Penumbral Disguise,  3rd: Veil,  8th: Disappearance


Zelagiur the Eternal Shadow was a master of stealth, forever hiding from his siblings and his father Apsu. Shy but playful, he preferred games of grand imagination and wonder to those of physical prowess. He took comfort in the darkness, finding it a welcoming backdrop to the intricate performances of his mind. Ever the faithful son, these fanciful stories frequently featured his father providing structure, guidance and protection against unnamed threats.

During Dahak’s rampage against his siblings Zelagiur slipped into the shadows. Though he escaped the carnage, he witnessed enough to leave mental scars that would prove to have tragic consequences later. Seeing Dahak’s brutal slaughter of Dragonkind was abhorrent, but witnessing the degree to which Dahak gloried in this wanton destruction was the stuff of nightmares. Carnage was a source of amusement, and no reason or pretense was necessary to incite it. The joy of witnessing the life leave the eyes of his victims as their blood coated his claws was painted clearly on Dahak’s face. This terrifying visage haunted Zelagiur’s dreams without respite.

When Apsu created Merisyl as a refuge from Dahak’s aggression, he tasked Zelagiur with the task of keeping the knowledge of its existence from escaping the intended refuge. Zelagiur was honored, and knew that his skill at hiding would serve him well in this important task. He entered Merisyl with good intentions…

His trauma had damaged him though, in unrealized ways, creating the seeds of fear and obsession which would ultimately blossom into madness.

Like Apsu himself, Zelagiur approached the world from a logical perspective, exalting structure and order as fundamental to the process of discovering, understanding and mastering the secrets of the Universe. Through this logic, it followed that if his mission was to hide knowledge, wouldn’t a disruption of structure best serve this cause? The threat Dahak posed was an existential one, and no measures could be too drastic to ensure that Merisyl remain hidden from him. This exploration of disruptive forces as a means to destroy knowledge and preserve this secret became all-consuming. Zelagiur looked to derail cultures from paths of study wherever possible, raising up forces well-suited to this task. He brought the Xulgath to Merisyl as his disciples in this, as that race had mastered the ability to balance a penchant for unpredictable violence with the focus necessary to expand their reach. Thus was born the Empire of Verrkoth and their enigmatic Mission: “Forge truth from blood“.

While the exact origin of the name is lost to history it is generally thought to be a derivation of the Draconic words “Versal Kothar” or “Powerful Demon”. This description of the Xulgath was accurate enough, and their cruel Empire spread beneath the surface of Merisyl like a blight. To the surface-dwellers they were a constant plague, and of necessity early societies focused more on strength of arms and an ability to protect themselves then on quests for knowledge or self-improvement. Even the Dragons themselves could not dismiss the might of the Empire due to sheer numbers alone. This was of course just as Zelagiur intended.

The strain on Zelagiur from his nightmares of Dahak and his obsession with guarding the secret of Merisyl’s existence regardless of the cost of doing so ultimately caused his madness. What had been a sacred duty proudly performed for his father became instead an inescapable task that burned within him, causing him to look jealously – and ultimately with hatred – at those not similarly burdened. Some theologians postulate that his madness is the only thing saving Merisyl from complete devastation, as he lacks the attention span to assemble and execute any plan of mass destruction. Instead his vast reservoir of power is exploited by those who whisper to him in prayer, using what little they can tap into for their own personal gain.

The Church

For the most part worship of Zelagiur takes place in the hidden corners of society, with small groups of cult-like gatherings and no central organization. Most rural areas find worship of Zelagiur unacceptable, and drive out anyone who dares to profess their devotion. Some larger cities accept it, but not without reservation and suspicion.

Two exceptions to this are the Keepers of the Dark Vault and the Umbral Conclave.

Keepers of the Dark Vault

The Keepers of the Dark Vault openly acknowledge their worship of Zelagiur, and claim that it makes them the best suited to guard things that should not fall into the wrong hands. They protect physical items, but also knowledge. Rumor has it that even if the only way to protect that knowledge from getting in to the wrong hands is to kill the one who knows it, they will take that job.

The Keepers are used to missions that require subterfuge and stealth, and are well-suited to these tasks. At the highest level of the organization orders are sometimes received in the form of nightmares.  Known as a “Terror of Responsibility”, these are assumed to be tasks given by Zelagiur himself and are followed unquestioningly.

Umbral Conclave

The Umbral Conclave understand that Zelagiur is a threat to Merisyl, but believe that the best way to address that threat is by understanding Zelagiur, and working to heal him. Followers of the Conclave will often study mental illnesses, how to identify them and how to treat them. Despite their positive motivations, they are not completely welcome by most. The unfortunate few who fall into Zelagiur’s tempting path of greed and betrayal ruin the reputation of those who stay true.

Divine Intercession

Zelagiur rewards those who help hide inconvenient truths, and brings his curses down upon those who too aggressively attempt to unearth hidden knowledge.

Minor Boon: Zelagiur helps hide you from detection.  When attempting a Stealth action, you may make a second check and take the higher of the two.

Moderate Boon: You may take your full move action when Sneaking.

Major Boon:  Once per day you can cast Shadow Walk as a 5th level Divine spell.

Minor Curse:  You receive a -2 penalty to all Stealth actions.

Moderate Curse:  Sneak requires two actions.

Major Curse:  You are prevented from speaking any deliberate and intentional lies and take a -4 status penalty to Deception checks.

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