Neutral Good – Patrael is known as the Mistress of the Broken Moon. She appears as a Lunar Dragon, and is the Goddess of rivers, lakes, orphans, social causes, and the insane. “Mother Moon, Lady of Life, the Sheltering Hand, Matron of Madness”

Realm: The Broken Moon

Allies: Ator, Haryxmi, Vivlorean

Enemies: Zelagiur, Khirr

TemplesAthear of the Mother’s Embrace – From the outside these temples resemble cozy hunting lodges on a grander scale, with outdoor balconies and numerous chimneys.  The interiors are colored in a variety of watery blues, and simple themes designed to be calming.  When unwanted children are born they are often left on the steps of these temples for care, and so it is not uncommon for children of various ages to live in the temples, raised by the community of the faithful.

Cradle of the Fractured Soul.  These temples specialize in caring for those suffering from anxiety, schizophrenia or other mental illnesses.  Priests and Priestesses of the Cradle undergo rigorous training on both magical and medicinal treatments that help people recover from their mental illness. Not everyone can be reached, however, and these unfortunate people are given refuge in the Cradle. 

Puredrop Priesthood – Once a name given in jest to militant followers of Patrael, this group has flourished, and proudly adopted the moniker. Dedicated to maintaining the purity of fresh water sources, it was originally founded by devotees that made their living fishing along the Asref River, downstream from the Dwarven city of Durban, in the North Range. When runoff from the Dwarven smithies began killing of their livelihood they banded together to confront the residents of Durban, successfully pressing them to change their practices. Word of their success spread (and was embellished), leading leading groups in other areas to organize themselves similarly – often around other causes, but welcomed under Patrael’s banner.


Worshippers: Fishermen, sailors and others who make their living on or near the sea, orphans or those who feel abandoned or lonely, people passionate about social activism, and those impacted by mental illness.

Sacred Animal: River Turtle

Sacred Colors: Light blue, dark blue and cyan

Edicts: Care for those who cannot care for themselves.  Seek to understand others before judging them.  Keep your lands and water clean, as fresh water sustains us all.

Anathema: Killing or orphaning a child.  Inflicting mental torture.  Polluting water.


  • “Predictability is a virtue, but lack of curiosity is a sin.”
  • “The power of action provides the foundation for the power of words.”
  • “The deep water can feed you and the shallow drown you. Cherish and fear them both.”
  • “We are all minnows in a sea of sharks.”


Divine Ability: Wisdom or Intelligence

Divine Font: Heal

Divine Skill: Occultism

Favored Weapons: Light Mace, Sickle

Domains: Delirium, Family, Moon, Water

Alternate Domains

Cleric Spells: 2nd – Paranoia; 4th – Dimension Door; 7th – Warp Mind


Prior to the formation of Merisyl, Patrael relished traversing the great space between worlds, gossamer wings catching the particles of energy that wash through the apparent void of space and propelling her faster than imaginable within the constraints of an air-bound planet.

To be untethered to a world was amazing.  Such freedom, allowing curiosity to run amok – letting it literally to lead her to another world…

Unpredictable and flighty best described her prior to Dahak’s rampage.  As it did for most Dragon-kind, Dahak’s slaughter changed all that.  Patrael’s parents Khy’Reth and Moratanna were among those slain, and Patrael was left without family.  What once felt like freedom now felt like fear.  With no support structure to turn to, she was glad to take Apsu up on his offer of Merisyl as a refuge.

Once there, the wonder of interplanetary exploration was satisfied with visits to Merisyl’s moon (a peaceful refuge) and the companion planet, Lotrath. As new races arrived on Merisyl, though, she saw an opportunity to help those in need. The sorrow of losing her parents cut Patrael deeply, instilling a deep desire in her that others should not have to endure such a fate.  She provided for orphans where she found them, eventually developing a 35 day cycle in which she would visit every continent and bring some form of assistance in the form of food or gold or supplies to each settlement.

It is thought that this kindness created the seed of faith that burgeoned into Godhood.

Temples and Shrines

Regardless of which branch of Patrael’s followers they are dedicated to, each temple to Patrael is designed to be welcoming and comforting to guests.  The entrance is usually a large open courtyard decorated with immaculately clean fountains (whose water is safe to drink), and decorative greenery. Lavender and sage are common, as the scents are calming. A handful of rooms dedicated to those seeking refuge are always kept ready for those in need. 

Decorations are nice, but modest, drawing from a palette of calming colors – especially blues. The Cradle of the Fractured Soul pays particular attention to ensuring that opportunities to create makeshift weapons or to inflict self-harm are kept to a minimum. The Mother’s Embrace have child-friendly modifications, such as fountains that don’t pool, balls and blocks, and furniture with rounded corners.

A Priest’s Role

Patrael’s clergy are often trained in mediation, facilitation and de-escalation techniques. Whether applied to children, those experiencing mental disquiet or attempting to negotiate for a social cause these skills are valued, and have become a cornerstone of training for the priesthood. Services are frequently combined with community service, whether distributing food to the homeless, cleaning up public areas or teaching reading and writing.  The lessons of Patrael are combined with active social good to demonstrate that actions, not words, create change.

Holy Texts

The Book of Friendship. This religious text is unusual in that the colorful pictures are as an important part of it as the words themselves. Written for a very basic reading level, the Mother’s Embrace uses it to communicate powerful concepts in a way that both children and adults can relate to.

Light of the Broken Moon. Every three years representatives from around Merisyl gather to edit this book to update it with what they’ve learned about meditation, facilitation and de-escalation techniques. There are over 50 versions thought to be in circulation.  The oldest are coveted as collector’s items, and the newest for their behavioral insights. 


Divine Intercession

Minor Boon: Patrael helps you control your emotions. Once every 10 minutes upon becoming Frightened, you may choose to take you Reaction action to calm yourself – reducing your Frightened level by one.

Moderate Boon: If reduced to zero hit points while submerged, your body washes ashore or onto flotsam, avoiding drowning as a cause of death.

Major Boon:  You may choose to successfully save against any Mental effect.

Minor Curse:  You feel fated to be alone, and are skeptical of those who appear to appreciate your company.  You take a -1 status penalty on all Diplomacy skill checks.

Moderate Curse:  Sailor’s bane.   Lakes and rivers resist your passage, and any river travel you undertake on them has a 10% speed penalty.

Major Curse:  You permanently gain the Confused condition.  When this condition would normally be ended, it is instead ended only for 1 hour, after which it returns.