Throughout the ages, tales of Dragons have woven themselves into the tapestry of legend and lore within the realms of lesser beings. In the land of Merisyl, Dragons are not mere tales, but a living, breathing presence that casts their influence into every facet of life.

The sinuous flight of a Brass Dragon may cast a majestic shadow over the shores of Haaven, as fishermen embark on their morning quest for the day’s catch. The thunderous footsteps of a Blue may ripple through the fields of golden corn that surround her lair. For the humans and demi-humans of Merisyl, Dragons are not distant myths but close neighbors, sometimes hunters, and, on occasion, the hunted.

The very fabric of Merisyl’s political and religious structures has grown around the dominant Dragon species of the region. The culture and demeanor of its citizens often mirror that of their Draconic counterparts. Indeed, in certain realms, Dragons actively partake in human and demi-human governance, while in others, they hold themselves above mortal law.

Across Merisyl, encounters with Dragons in humanoid guise are not uncommon—sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes for sport. Like people, Dragons exhibit a wide range of interests. They may engage in mortal dalliances, savor a mug of ale in a tavern, or attempt to negotiate with those uneasy dealing with Dragons in their true form. Thus, the people of Merisyl can never be certain when a Dragon walks among them.

Despite the prevalence of Dragons in Merisyl, they have not stifled the emergence of other formidable creatures. The abundance and diversity of Dragons, each with their own temperament, has led them to focus on their Draconic rivals and mortal devotees, allowing other mystical beings of great physical and magical prowess to roam the world freely. The cities of the lesser races, accustomed to the majestic and awe-inspiring presence of Dragons, have integrated these formidable creatures into their daily lives.

Scholars remain divided on whether the innate magical energies of Merisyl drew the Dragons, or if their presence imbued the land with their power. Regardless, the indisputable truth stands: magic courses through the land, potent and prevalent.

Creation of the Draconic Refuge

Creation of the Draconic Refuge
The creation of Merisyl - both the truth and the origin stories commonly told.

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