The city of Notch is located on a natural harbor on the coast of Waterblade.  Although it was once  a relatively safe walled trade city under the control of the dragon Blizghuramoth, the balance of power has shifted.  Blizghuramoth has not been seen in almost 100 years, and short-lived races have hurried to grab the reins of power while the Bronze dragons of Waterblade that could easily reassert control have chosen not to infringe upon territory they consider to be Blizghuramoth’s still.  The criminal element now controls the city, with “might makes right” an accepted credo.

The presence of the Iron Hills a short way to the north has made the city a natural location for smiths and smelters, as their raw material is convenient, and they can readily trade their wares abroad.  The result is a constant cloud of ash over the city.  Combined with the wet weather (nearly 3 out of 4 days has precipitation) the result is a dirty and gray city.


Officially, there was a City Magistrate who managed the city’s day-to-day business for Blizghuramoth. The role has remained, but there is no power or prestige associated with it. Those who remember and respected Blizghuramoth attempt to fill it as he would have desired, but they are largely considered to be sentimental fools. The Magistrate along with a few hundred Blizghuramoth loyalists and their families occupy the fort complex (simply called “The Seat”) on Noscarello Island in the mouth of the river. They have enough people and power for the clans to view as not worth dislodging – especially given that they also lack the forces to significantly impact the clans. Tensions do run high between the loyalists and the water thieves, though, given their proximity.


The power in Notch is more physical than financial. Groups of criminal elements organized into clans establish their control of regions of the city (called holdings) through physical and mental intimidation.

The lines between the holdings vary as influence waxes and wanes, but the balance of power is such that no clan easily adds or loses territory. A concentration of power in one clan causes cooperation in others to end that threat. That cooperation rarely outlasts the elimination of the threat.

In addition to the larger clans that control holdings there are less organized or less powerful groups without territory to call their own. These typically operate on the borders of less powerful holdings, or in the Rickets (see below).

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Technically the Notch City Guard exists, but all but the Loyalists have abandoned their posts. Most had to take care of families in their home holdings. Quite a few started their own clan (the Stronghammer Clan), controlling the Stonewall holding. A few dozen took up residence in The Seat, hoping to see Blizghuramoth return some day.


The real “laws” are the covenants held by each individual clan within their holding, and these are rarely written down and easy to run afoul of.



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The Rickets

The Rickets are the poorly-built structures outside of the city walls. These are thrown up in a haphazard manner by whoever is willing to defend them, and using whatever material they are able to scrounge up. The sturdiness of the structures ranges from canvas tents to converted hulls of wrecked ships.