Mostly stone buildings, large bonfires


Utarvi “Black Flame“ Dasci


Protection, Retaliation

Ability Scores

Charisma and Constitution

Signature Weapon


The Bloodfire clan carved their territory out of the neighboring holdings through a brutal and fiery series of confrontations over the last several years. Utarvi’s merciless brutality sets the tone for the entire clan, and other clans know that there is no such thing as a “minor” infraction in the eyes of the Bloodfire clan. Despite that (or possibly because of it) the holding itself is generally happy and prosperous. The Bloodfire clan themselves is not interested in petty theft or extortion so the residents of Abaddon holding aren’t kept impoverished by tithes, and the reputation of the clan discourages robbery and theft from other clans.

Clan Head

Utarvi Dasci (Human F). Utarvi was an orphan in Aodar who was trafficked to Notch at the age of 12. Sold into indentured servitude to the sorcerer Gilmot Borundi, she secretly taught herself the Arcane arts while handling the cleaning and menial labor for Gilmot. Rumor has it that she was responsible for his death – having choked him to death with Fenroz – Gilmot’s ferret familiar. Whatever the truth, Gilmot (a reclusive fellow even before his death) was not realized to be dead until his capabilities had been far surpassed by Utarvi. She gathered like-minded souls around her and took control of her corner of the city with brutal efficiency and magical fire. Her perceived heartlessness earned her the nickname “Black Flame”.


Casco “Tap” Burrgh (M Human); “Lost” Dost Thornshower (F Half-Elf)


Kilnhame – One of Dost’s lesser known talents is pottery. She and Utarvi together developed an extremely heat resistant ceramic and lustrous blue glaze and covered the roof of Gilmot’s old tower with it. Now known as Kilnhame, it is said that the roof can withstand even the extreme heat of a dragon’s fire. Bonfires are lit atop the tower to mark special occasions.

Primary Rackets

  • Protection: The Bloodfire clan often hires out their services to rich visitors or even well-to-do Notch residents who expect a bit of danger. The clan is loyal to the contract, and have never backstabbed a client, so their reputation for trustworthiness is growing. They also provide magical protective talismans and runes for those who can afford them.
  • Retaliation: Bloodfire also works the other side of the spectrum – accepting contracts to exact retribution from enemies – whether to punish or kill. Here, too, their reputation is growing. They will never accept a retaliation contract against someone for whom they are engaged in a protection contract, which makes their protective services all the more in demand simply to avoid the possibility of a Bloodfire retaliation contract.