Many small hideouts under legitimate businesses.


Forstov “The Quartermaster“ Sternbrow


Supplying weapons and armor to other clans, art acquisition

Ability Scores

Constitution, Intelligence

Signature Weapon


Clan Tabrikell is somewhat of an enigma, choosing to stay aloof from most of the clan power dynamics and struggles to control the city. Their desire is primarily to be left alone – free to pursue their various artistic or crafting endeavors without having to kowtow to the whims of some other controlling clan. Their approach to this has been to harness the talents of the the craftsmen in the holding to produce and maintain some of the most reliable weaponry and armor in Merisyl, and make these services available to any clans who stay in their good graces. As a result, virtually every clan stays in their good graces. It doesn’t hurt they they also train and field a robust militia all well equipped with Tabrikell weapons and armor. Rumor has it that Tabrikell also makes magical equipment, but if this is true the client list is far more selective.

Clan Head

Forstov “The Quartermaster” Sternbrow (M Dwarf Blacksmith)


Gresla “Nose” Creel (F Human), Blodibus “Whirlwind” Bugguts (M Goblin)


Godsglow – This large smithy right on the canal is the one that The Quartermaster runs, and so it serves as a de-facto headquarters for Clan Tabrikell. The basement includes a mine shaft with a pulley-lift system down to an extensive underground bunker where the most valuable equipment (and the most secretive meetings) are held. Meetings are often held at other craftsmens’ shops as well, however, as the clan delights in showing off their latest feats of craftsmanship. These are festive affairs celebrated with drink and good-natured rivalry.

Primary Rackets

  • Arms and Armor Distribution: Tabrikell makes and repairs excellent equipment, and they maintain their holding both by force of those same arms and armor, and by denying their goods to clans who cross them.
  • Art Acquisition: The clan has been known to seek out (through means both legitimate and illegitimate) works of art that they find particularly moving – or valuable. These collections are secreted beneath the forges and workshops of craftsmen that make up the bulk of the Tabrikell membership.