Canal Rats


Sewer systems and canal maintenance tunnels




Scavenging, Heists, Pickpockets

Ability Scores

Dexterity, Intelligence

Signature Weapon


The Canal Rats started out as a group of teenagers without a support system who had to turn to thievery for survival. As that group grew up, and successfully eked out a living, others joined them – especially children, the disabled, the elderly or others who were forced to the edges of society as Notch became a rougher place to live. This genesis gives them a code of behavior that they adhere to strictly. Care for the helpless. Give to the needy. Protect the defenseless. Share what you can spare. Take from the oppressors. Leadership of the clan is fluid, and anyone who follows the code commands the respect of the clan and can call upon them for help. Anyone outside the clan who crosses one of its members will find themselves plagued by dozens of Canal Rats looking to protect their own.

Clan Head



Zvarli “Violet” Tramma (F Human) is known for her kind smile, quick wit and sharp blade. She organizes some of the larger and bolder Canal Rat excursions into other holdings.

Sister Cora Voss (F Human) was attracted to the group because of their code. She felt it reflected the values of her deity Litoriath, and she joined with the intention of converting the entire clan to worshipping The New God. She has been quite successful, and can motivate a sizable pack of Rats given the appropriate motivation.

Mossi (F Ysoki) and Pod (F Ysoki) are twin sisters with an extensive knowledge of alchemy as well as the structure of Notch’s sewer system. They grow and harvest countless alchemical poisons and other such substances in small ‘farms’ throughout the sewers.


Grate Docks – Officially named the “Gastner-Foltenry Shipyards”, they are only ever referred to as the Grate Docks. These docks near the north end of the river serve as the main headquarters for the Canal Rats. From here one of their primary activities is to comb through the debris washed up against the grate to salvage anything valuable. There are rumors that tunnels from under the docks connect into the sewers and lead to a warren of tunnels throughout the city.

Primary Rackets

  • Scavenging: Combing the riverbanks and the north grate in particular turns up a variety of interesting or useful material, and makes up a significant portion of the clan income. Some of what is scavenged is crafted salvage, but more is in the form of plants or animals useful for food, spell components or medicines.
  • Heists: The Canal Rats excel at going unnoticed, and slipping into places they don’t belong. They are more than willing to sell these talents, so long as they are not exercised against their own people.
  • Pickpocketing: Especially popular with the youth, who can go unnoticed in virtually any area of the city, is good old fashioned slight-of-hand acquisition of coin purses or other poorly secured valuables.