Water Thieves


Riverside hideouts that allow for easy raiding


Vargix “The Judge” Gazker


Raiding, Retained Search

Ability Scores

Strength, Intelligence

Signature Weapon

Boarding Pike

The upper echelon of the Water Thieves is a tight-knit group that has worked together effectively under the leadership of Vargix Gazker for decades. His intelligence, charisma and force of will prevents the frequent schisms that plague most of the Clans. As a result, they hold one of the largest, most well defended and most peaceful of the holdings. That peace, though, is a result of the force the clan uses to enforce its primary dictum – “no second chances”. The rules for living in the holding are clear, and even minor infractions are met with a crushing response of force. As a result there is always a frisson of tension in the every day life of this holding.

Clan Head

Vargix Gazker (M, Morphic) grew up on the streets of Notch in the early years after Blizghuramoth disappeared – as the city was still devolving into mob rule. He established a reputation for competent brutality as a teen when he led a handful of teenagers into a district jail to break out his younger sister Arri who was being held for stealing bread. The raid left 4 guards dead, the jail burned to the ground and a power void on the west shore of the river. The local youth followed Vargix – some through admiration and some through intimidation – and one of the earliest of the Clan’s that would grow to rule Notch was born.


Arri Gazker (F, Morphic), Ozuph Grinklesprond (M, Gnome)


The Grand – the only large arena in Notch, used for sporting events and other large gatherings but controlled by the Water Thieves, who use the large network of rooms under the stands for living space, offices and storage.

Primary Rackets

  • Raiding: The River Thieves extract a hefty toll from water traffic that passes up and down the river, either in the form of fees or by raiding and robbing the vessels of individuals or organizations who have gotten on their black list.
  • Retained Search: Given that the Water Thieves are well positioned to inspect much of the water traffic passing in and out of Notch, they are often contacted by well-to-do “collectors” who are seeking something rare. They collect a hefty up-front fee to do this retained search, and are rewarded handsomely if they are able to find the desired item on one of the ships, liberate it, and deliver it to the contracting collector.