Level: Ritual 5 UncommonMerisyl

Access: You must be a Hag.

Description: Hags perform the Call of the Dark Mother to enchant the minds of their changeling offspring and summon them into service to the coven.


Cast: 8 hours initially; 4 hours weekly to renew.

Cost: 40 gp initially; 10 gp weekly to renew

Secondary Casters: 2

Primary Check: Occultism (expert)

Range: 100 miles initially; extended by 50 miles with each weekly renewal.

Long Description

You send out a psychic signal that embeds itself in the offspring of any of the ritual participants. These signals start as dreams – often of danger they should flee from, safety they should seek out or a great purpose to drive them. The ritual takes place over 13 weeks, and the range builds up from an initial 100 mile range to a final range of 700 miles. The initial ritual and each weekly renewal requires a successful Occultism check and a successful Nature check.

Once the range of the Call reaches a changeling descended from the hags performing the ritual the specific nature of how they are affected by the call depends on their circumstances.

Critical Success: As success, plus this week’s call results in double the normal effective range

Success: The range of the Call is extended by 50 miles, and recipients experience a powerful dream pulling them towards the source of the Call. The recipients of the call makes a Will save DC equal to the Occultism check of ritual.  If that will check critically fails the recipient is overwhelmed by the urge to respond to the Call and begins their journey within 8 hours.  Any other results leaves the subject aware of their odd dreams and nothing more.

Any recipients who journey towards the source of the call begin to sense the exact location of the call as they get within 3 miles, and the closer they get the more precise that sense becomes.

Failure: The range of the Call is not extended (or fails to initiate, if week one) and no dream is sent.

Critical Failure: The Call backfires, and instead of being attracted to the coven to serve, the recipients are repulsed. The range of the Call is reduced by 100 miles and no dream is sent.  If this reduces the range below 0 the ritual fails completely and cannot be re-attempted for one year.


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